Research and Development

A company’s competitive advantage comes from its ability to anticipate market needs and trends, finding effective answers and innovative solutions.

Mascagni has always placed great importance on the strategic role of R&D, dedicating to this area extensive care and resources.

Mascagni’s R&D department is the heart of the entire organization. With its cutting-edge design technology, it revolves around a group of experts who have pooled their individual talents and experience and can handle any idea or impulse coming from the designers with whom Mascagni works. They do not simply execute work, but also test and invent the new solutions that are developed in the company on a daily basis.

With the availability of production plants that can work materials such as wood, metal and plastics, Mascagni’s R&D team can study beforehand all the production phases in the development of a product, be it office furniture, filing systems, dividing partitions, seats and chairs. All the phases of every new project are subjected to a series of laboratory testing to verify that they meet all the legislative requirements set out for the sector.

Professionalism, the guarantee of product quality and innovation are the solid foundations on which any company can differentiate itself on the market and make its customers very happy, just like Mascagni.


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