Our Background

Whilst capitalizing on our strong traditions, Mascagni lives in the present. Its history is an intrinsic part of this company, and in every product and every company operation there are traces of what the past represents for this magnificent Bolognese company.

Mascagni was founded by Umberto Mascagni in 1930, initially starting as a laboratory making picture frames. Around 1970, his son Mario started expanding their production, turning their attention first towards household furniture and then towards office furnishings.

In a very short time, this became the main business of the company.

Over some forty years, Mascagni has gone from being a family-run business to a company at the forefront of office furniture. Today, they have two production plants, employ about 150 people, have a network throughout Italy, agencies in all five continents and production and sales are growing consistently.

Mascagni, whilst a modern company, is at the same time true to its roots, and this also means taking total responsibility for what it produces and what it presents on the market.

Even today, the company will regularly follow all its procedures step by step in every detail, every finish, every designing choice, every quality control and every shipment. This makes us the only manufacturing company in our sector throughout Italy to have developed internally all types of production from metal forming to plastic moulding, applying wood veneers and varnishes. We use state-of-the-art water varnishing equipment with the latest technology, thereby safeguarding our eco-friendly credentials and the health of our operators.

Currently, the company is managed by Michele Mascagni, Mario’s son, and the third generation to work along the same lines traced by his predecessors, that of innovation and a commitment towards achieving ever more ambitious goals.


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