Sound Lux

Sound and Light

Sound Lux ​​is the device developed with 3F Filippi to offer a state-of-the-art lighting in work environments. The device is the result of the gathering between different materials and the lighting technology excellence. The luminaire consists of a sound-absorbing panel upholstered by a micro-perforated laminate or wood veneer, equipped with a 3000 K LED light source.
The use of this luminaire in a typical office environment brings the best visual and acoustic comfort, making the spaces more comfortable.
Available in a variety of finishes to fit at best to the existing interiors, 3F Sound LUX can be installed suspended.
Furthermore, its design also makes it really versatile, as its modules allow for an easy reconfiguration of environments, so that it can effectively follow and adapt at best to the relocation of furniture in the work spaces when this might occur. 

Designer: Ergon
Developer: 3F Filippi







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