Growing means changing

OP is a furnishing system designed by Mascagni to grow with your company.

It is an intelligent product, as it can satisfy the requirements of each and every user, whatever their function.

The suspended archiving system and the cables running to the desk and to the auxiliary units ensure that the workstation is always tidy and uncluttered. Using our exclusive, patented, fastening system, all auxiliary units, filing systems and partitions can be fixed securely to the frame, so that a complete workplace can be assembled in a very short time. Product assembly, even in large open plan areas, can be carried out easily and quickly, including all subsequent re-configurations, and without interrupting office work. Designers in particular will appreciate the many different combinations that can be achieved using the Op range. This extensive system can adapt smoothly to the areas available and to the existing surroundings

Designer: Claudio Bellini





Tags: Arredo Operativo, Arredo Semidirezionale, Tavoli Riunione, Home Office, Nobilitato, Legno, Arredo Direzionale, Cristallo retroverniciato, Designer: Claudio Bellini, Sistema d'arredo, Accoglienza


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