Italian design since 1930

Designers, interior decorators and planners have always worked together with us to think with sensitivity and attention about how every office space should be furnished and reconfigured, listening to the needs of the client and finding solutions to their requirements. Together, we find the right solution for any need.


Mascagni makes furniture for offices and communal spaces. The company designs, industrializes and ships wall partitions, general office/executive furnishings and storage systems.

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Sinetica Industries has re-invented the concept of office furniture with its collections of ergonomic chairs, meeting tables, desks and units for modern workplaces.

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Rotaliana lamps are the expression of an authentic and original productive atmosphere that unites - through these new icons of light points - tradition and innovation, ancient roots and contemporary thought.

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Simple yet not ordinary, original but not bizarre. Rexite has been creating timeless classics for business and home spaces for more than 40 years.

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Sitland, one of today national market leaders, signs seats awarded by the most important international design awards and it is a recognized guarantee of made in Italy excellence.

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Jesse, since 1921, designs residential lines with an extraordinary balance between timeless style and attention to detail. Collaborations with International designers have made Jesse’s icons.

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