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Social Responsibility

Mascagni is actively engaged within the manufacturing fabric of its territory. The company feels strongly about its own internal social environment, and for this reason, it establishes relationships and partnerships with organizations that contribute to the well-being and progress of the entire community. It leads the way among other businesses, with respect to its target audience, its staff and institutions, in adopting behaviour both ethically correct and effective in pursuing goals of social value, by placing resources and skills in common. It addresses the economic, environmental and social expectations of all stakeholders, with the aim of also gaining a competitive advantage. A product is not appreciated exclusively for its external qualities; its value is assessed by and large though so-called “immaterial” factors, such as terms of supply, assistance and customization services, image and the reputation of the company that manufactures it.


Thinking green

It is clear that environmental policies applied to manufacturing industries are becoming increasingly important at both a social and a legislative level.

Mascagni has adopted an integrated and comprehensive approach to this requirement, starting from improving, ecologically speaking, its various industrial procedures, and involving every aspect of production that has an impact on the environment.

We have regularly certified that formaldehyde emissions for all the materials used in our products meet the levels prescribed for Emission Class E1 (EN 13986).

Mascagni has ISO 9001 (quality management system) certification and ISO 14001 (environmental management system) certification for the design and manufacture of furniture, partition walls and office seating, installation and installation of office partition walls.


Prodotti certificati FSC® disponibili su richiesta.


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