Pietro Mascagni

Pietro Mascagni was born in Bologna in 1985, graduated in architecture from the Milan Polytechnic in 2011, and then enrolled in the order of architects in Bologna. With the passion of design inherent in his DNA as nephew and son of art, he seeks in the perfect line the harmony of forms, relying on the taste of intuition in his works. His collaborations on the projects of Unindustria Bologna and in the Resort of Palazzo di Varignana, led him to explore the different needs for the use of work and sharing spaces. Since 2014 he collaborates with Mascagni S.p.A. on Marketing and Research and Development, designing coherent workspaces and exploring new technologies and materials. Seating, acoustic panels and office systems are just some of the projects in which he is involved, without neglecting the activity dedicated to the construction of an architect.

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