In our daily life, our actions revolve around movement and the search for areas where we can spend our time productively, making use of a fourth dimension, which is intangible but can nevertheless be measured. In this way, our world become a giant cube where spaces must be divided properly, using our deepest feelings, increasing team performance to the benefit of everyone.

The partitioning wall system by Mascagni holds the secret to its diversity and flexibility within its electro coloured or painted extruded aluminium profiles. The main structure houses the finishing profiles, which modify the aspect and features of panels in single or double glazed glass. The partitioning walls are 55 mm thick, for both the monolithic panel versions and the classical or solid panel versions. On request, the glass panels can be 10 (5.5.1) or 12 (6.6.1) mm thick, for the acoustic or tempered glass versions in stratified glass with PVB insert. The modules forming the partitioning wall can vary project by project, simply by dividing the various sections in different ways, and so providing an intelligent solution to your architectural and layout requirements. Inserted between two glass sheets is a high resistance adhesive shaped profile in transparent polycarbonate, or in anodized or painted aluminium, connecting the glass sheets soundly and safely.

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