Becoming part of MIG Group, we are now able to offer integrated solutions that can satisfy the Customer's design needs in 360°.
Thanks to the wide range of seats produced by Sitland, our offer is renewed and enlarged considerably.

Since 1977 Sitland produce chairs and furnishing accessories that stand out as the highest expression of Italian quality.
Craftsmanship, engineering research and cutting-edge technology applied to seating for offices and public spaces are the guiding principles of the company at a global level.

Sitland's products are the result of a path that crosses different skills and professionalism to ensure aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics. The creative management and the technical team work closely together to combine craftsmanship and innovation in each product in line with market demands.

Sitland's mission is to create seating and accessories for the physical wellbeing of the person, in every space and in every moment of the day, with a particular focus on working life, whether it is lived in the office, at home, or during a trip in a hotel lobby.

A further important challenge for Sitland is the development of an industrial model where sustainability is at the heart of all activities. The company's aim is to improve its environmental performance through research and product innovation by applying the principles of sustainable and circular design.

This involves a new way of doing business and rethinking the product. When designing products, we now prefer to use materials from renewable sources and with recycled content in order to minimise waste production and energy consumption.